About Aerosleep



At AeroSleep, we share one dream: giving babies a safe sleep. Our goal is to give more relief to families with small children both night and day as their loved sleeps safely, by developing products of the highest quality.

AeroSleep has always played a pioneering role in sleeping safety for babies by continually investing in products that improve children's safety while asleep. It is of primordial importance to every parent to be able to offer the baby maximum safety.

Ensuring excellent quality, innovation and user-friendliness are also top priorities to us. We are always advancing our products to keep up to our responsibility for high-quality and safety, to give each baby the best possible sleeping environment.



Innovation: constant product innovation based on extensive knowledge of the sleeping requirements of both babies and adults.

Modernisation: products based on the most up-to-date technology.

Medical awareness: tracking medical research into cot death, allergies and night sweating.

Integrity: All AeroSleep products are manufactured with the greatest care and accountability and are designed according to the highest quality standards.

Accountability: We work closely with the most reputable research centres to ensure the optimal safety for the consumer. Any product we bring to the market is built on extensive technology and scientific research.



AeroSleep supports a Doctors Without Borders project in Masisi in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Doctors Without Borders works to provide basic health care, health care access, food, clean water and sanitary facilities there, and focuses specifically on care for women experiencing complications during pregnancy or after childbirth. The organisation also provides specific aftercare to victims of sexual and gender-based violence, including medical procedures and trauma treatment.

It also vaccinates young children against measles and provides special paediatric care. That is why AeroSleep wholeheartedly supports this Doctors Without Borders project.