How to improve your baby’s sleeping environment!

Setting up the ideal sleeping environment for your baby is not as easy as it looks – you need to make sure that the sheets and mattress protector allow the circulation of air and oxygen. At the same time, the mattress also needs to be protected against stains and bacteria. And of course, the cot needs to be comfortable for the baby to lie in.

With this in mind, AeroSleep has worked with parents and specialists to develop a unique safe sleeping system that meets all these requirements. The combination of mattress, mattress protector, fitted sheet and cot bumper guarantees your little one a healthy and comfortable environment. Our products are 100% Belgian and have been through extensive scientific safety tests.

  • The mattress itself is firm and strong while the unique air permeability of the mattress protector ensures your sleeping baby can continue to breathe freely. The protector also absorbs any fluids and prevents stains or bacteria building up on the mattress.
  • The fitted sheet ensures your baby is always comfortable and dry. 
  • Our cot bumper is air permeable and protects your baby’s head from banging against the bars of the cot.
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