The AeroSleep Baby Original mattress cover gives your baby a safe sleep with all the breathable properties of our traditional mattress protector, the Baby Protect. The Original only has the breathable 3D structure without the absorbent and waterproof layers. This makes the mattress cover the perfect solution for baby mattresses with a waterproof cover. Of course, the Original can also be used in combination with a separate mattress protector in order to provide a breathable layer.

Advantages of the Baby Original

  • Thanks to the breathable 3D structure, your baby will be able to breathe at all times, even when it ends up on its tummy.
  • Exhaled air is released immediately, so your baby will not rebreathe any CO2.
  • The air layer regulates your baby’s temperature. Babies cannot regulate their body temperature as well as adults. Surplus body heat is released and replaced by fresh air.
  • In winter the Baby Original immediately feels nice and warm.

Safe, but simply practical too

  • The air permeability allows faster evaporation of moisture, which is a breeding ground for bacteria (fungi) and allergens (house dust mite).
  • The Baby Original is perfectly washable at 40°C to ensure your baby can doze off in a clean environment again.

Please note that normal (cotton) fitted sheets largely undo the breathable effect of the Baby Original. To benefit from the breathable properties of this product, it is recommended to use the AeroSleep fitted sheet.

This product does not contain any chemicals or harmful substances, which has been extensively tested according to the Oeko-tex 100 standard. This means that you can let your baby sleep on this product without any worries.