The AeroSleep Extra Reflux Protector is a separate protector for the head of the mattress. It is an excellent solution for babies up to five months with reflux or a sensitive stomach.

The advantages of the Extra Reflux Protector

The Extra Reflux Protector has been developed especially for babies with reflux or regular vomiting. The extra mattress protector collects any vomit to ensure your baby is dry again almost immediately. The Extra Reflux Protector comes in packs of 2, so you can have a dry bed again very quickly after your baby brings up its food. This is a very convenient system, especially at night.

AeroSleep Extra Reflux Protector

Thanks to the Extra Reflux Protector’s unique, breathable 3D structure, your baby will be able to breathe at all times, even if it ends up on its tummy. The vomit’s moisture goes through the air layer immediately and is retained in the absorbent layer. The last waterproof layer ensures the mattress and mattress protector stay clean and therefore limit the amount of laundry you will need to do.

How to use the Extra Reflux Protector

The Extra Reflux Protector is placed at the head of the bed on top of the Baby Protect mattress protector. Use the AeroSleep fitted sheet over the Extra Reflux Protector to guarantee breathability. If your baby has brought up some food, the fitted sheet and Extra Reflux Protector will be perfectly washable at 60°C. Bacteria and other bed bugs will not stand a chance and your baby will be completely clean again the following night.

Tip: place the Extra Reflux Protector on a large Baby Protect mattress protector to avoid having to wash the large mattress protector every time. You will only need to wash the Extra Reflux Protector.

This product does not contain any chemicals or harmful substances, which has been extensively tested according to the Oeko-tex 100 standard. This means that you can let your baby sleep on this product without any worries.