AeroSleep technology

The AeroSleep technology is unique and ensures that babies all over the world can sleep safely and hygienically. Moreover, our products are also practical to use and maintain.

Your baby´s sleeping environment

Young babies easily sleep 18 hours a day - and that immediately makes clear the importance of having a good mattress. In brief, it must satisfy the following criteria:

  • firm
  • air-permeable
  • clean
  • fits well in the bed.

Protect your baby and your mattress

If you don´t protect your mattress against moisture and soiling, it can quickly turn into a hotbed of bacteria, so it´s best to protect the mattress with a mattress protector. However, an ordinary mattress protector negates the air permeability characteristics of a mattress. So how do we ensure that a mattress protector is both air-permeable and constitutes a barrier against all those "bed bugs"?

Easy, thanks to the unique 3D technology of AeroSleep! The strong 3D honeycomb structure of the AeroSleep mattress protector has a layer of air that cannot be compressed. At the bottom there is a watertight protection layer. Therefore our mattress protector is simultaneously air-permeable and it functions as a natural shield against bacteria and allergens. 

AeroSleep´s unique technology offers 3 major advantages:

1. Safe

The strong 3D honeycomb structure protects your baby against overheating and allows your child to always breathe freely, even if laying on his or her stomach.

2. Hygienic

The AeroSleep Protect mattress protector is composed of three layers. The 3D structure or air-permeable layer, the absorbent layer and the watertight protection layer. Any moisture coming from the diaper or due to spitting up flows through the open 3D structure and is captured by the absorbent layer. So your baby can continue to breathe. The watertight layer, finally, holds back the moisture and functions as a natural shield. The mattress stays clean and your child remains protected against bacteria and allergens. Without the addition of any chemicals. 

3. Practical as well!

Is the mattress protector dirty? Then you can just pop the whole thing in the washing machine and clean it at 60°C. To avoid bits of fluff from getting caught, it is best to wash the protector reversed, with the 3D structure outwards.