Frequently Asked Questions

Below you find some frequently asked questions & answers.
Feel free to contact us should you have extra questions or remarks.

How should I wash my AeroSleep?

Always fold the AeroSleep with the 3D structure on the outside and preferably put it in the washing machine on its own. A washing programme for white laundry at 60°C is sufficient to make sure it comes out as good as new. Click here for further details concerning washing your AeroSleep Products.

Can I put my AeroSleep in the dryer?

It's better not to put your AeroSleep products in the dryer. But the AeroSleep products dry very fast thanks to the maximum air circulation.

Can AeroSleep be used in combination with a hot water bottle?

An AeroSleep mattress protector can certainly be used in combination with a hot water bottle. 
In fact, when you use a hot water bottle we strongly recommend AeroSleep.

Fortunately, it is very rare for water bottles to leak nowadays because the problem has received a great deal of attention in recent years. However, if it does happen, it is safer to be using an AeroSleep mattress protector. This is because the hot water goes directly through the upper layer of air (on which the child lies) down to the absorbent layer underneath where the water dissipates. This means that the child is never in direct contact with the water. 
However, if a water bottle leaks on a mattress without AeroSleep, the mattress remains hot and damp for much longer so that the child remains in direct contact with hot water for longer.

Feel free to try this out by pouring a cup of hot water over the mattress and over the AeroSleep and then feel the difference.
And with AeroSleep you need to use a hot water bottle for a much shorter time as the baby's body does not need to warm up the whole mattress but only the layer of air.

My AeroSleep is discoloured on the inside. What is it?

These discolorations are fluff that has remained stuck in the stitching seams.

You should know, first of all, that this is not harmful for your baby. The fluff is fixed and the effectiveness of your AeroSleep is not affected in any way.

In order to prevent this fluff or to remove it, we advise as follows:

  • Always fold your AeroSleep with the honeycomb structure on the outside when washing at 60°C and put it in the washing machine like this. Preferably do not add any other laundry.
  • Vacuum the AeroSleep. This will release most of the fluff which will then be vacuumed up.