Safe sleeping

The importance of sleeping in a safe environment

The sleep environment is important for everyone, and this applies in particular to children.Not only does a baby sleep 18 hours a day during the first months, he is also extra vulnerable during sleep. This is because the wake-up response and heart rhythm are not fully reliable in all babies, regulation of body temperature in babies is not yet fully developed, etc. 

During pregnancy, parents are extensively informed about the importance of a safe sleep environment and the guidelines associated with it.The situation concerning cot death has improved as the medical world has become more aware of the problem. Parents are now even more aware of the importance of a safe sleeping environment. This is reflected in a drop over the past ten years in the number of babies who (almost) die of cot death.

AeroSleep has always played a pioneering role in sleeping safety for babies by continually investing, over the past 15 years, in products that dramatically improve children's safety while asleep. It is of primordial importance to every parent to be able to offer his or her baby maximum safety.